Ennoble Care is one of the few programs in New Jersey to offer a Palliative Care House Call services that offers the following:

  • Comprehensive assessment by board-certified Physicians or Nurse Practitioners 
  • Palliative care plan that was developed in coordination with the patient’s current health care providers
  • Treatment of acute pain and other symptoms associated with serious or life-limiting illness
  • Reducing the burden of illness by embracing quality of life for patients and their families
  • Culturally sensitive care that considers patients, age, religion, values and preferences
  • Coordination of appropriate healthcare services
  • Consultation and seamless transition to Hospice Care when appropriate

Ennoble’s Palliative Care program may be offered in conjunction with disease modifying therapies, home care services, physical therapy and occupational therapy. It is offered in variety of settings, from home to Assisted Living, so that patients have access to symptom management, when and where they need it most.

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